FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


I registered on the careers and forum page, do I need to register again here to use the crowdfunding?

Yes.  You can use the same login when you register for each service, but all three use different registration systems, so you need to sign up on this page to crowdfund.

Is there a cost or fee to use this service?

No.  SpaceToday.com is an ad-supported website, so all of our services are free to our users.   Only the standard fee charged by the payment processor is applied.  We take no commission from your projects.

If you would like to show appreciation to the founder of this website, helping to fund is dream to reach space here is appreciated.

Who can access the funds that are given to my campaign?

Only you, the crowdfunder, has access to the monies donated to your campaign.  At no time does SpaceToday.com or it’s owner have access to these funds.

How much should I set my fundraising goal to?

We recommend setting the amount to no more than $125,000.  This is the estimated purchase price for a ticket with Space Perspective.

Am I required to purchase a ride with your preferred travel provider if I reach my funding goal?

No.  You can choose your own travel provider.  We chose the Space Balloon ride by Space Perspective as our travel provider of choice because it is the lowest price option available, in addition to what we feel will be the safest and most enjoyable experience.